My team and I have a very ambitious project: THE CHALLENGE of redesigning VIFF app — one of the most important international film festivals placed in Vancouver — by moving forward from a limited-functionality app kit to a more professional app in which scheduling and purchasing tickets are the main features.

About VIFF


Redesigning a responsive website for Strathcona Residents Association (SRA) which collects information about the oldest neighborhood in Vancouver and its community. As an organization like SRA requires, this website has to look professional by organizing the amount of information that contains and also, has to be made by residents for residents.

About the SRA

The Strathcona Residents Association is a volunteer-led organization whose goal is to promote the safety, health, and well-being of residents; while also celebrating the history of Vancouver’soldest neighborhood.

Analyzing the Strathcona Resident’s Association, we can find some problems that we have to tackle:

  • The SRA’s website is outdated, confusing…

Pursuing a lasting solution to cigarette butt litter and plastic waste


Designing a website for re:FILTER, a non-profit organization focus on concerns and educate people about how harmful plastic waste and cigarette but is, enhance the user flow and bringing the community to re:FILTER’s events.

About re:FILTER

Plastic pollution is emerging as a significant public concern whose presence is not expected to diminish but instead double over the next 20 years. By measuring the effects of plastic lifecycle, researchers have concluded that in contributing to greenhouse gas pollution during decomposition, plastic is also a threat to climate change. In order to reduce plastic pollution and climate change, Vancouver has prepared a sustainability plan…


Creating a tourism campaign that promotes tourism in a country or area in five weeks. Concretely, designing a website and a visual brand identity related to the country or area. El Camino de Santiago is the area chosen for that purpose.

About el Camino de Santiago

El Camino de Santiago is one of the oldest pilgrimage routes in Europe that runs more than 790 km to Santiago de Compostela (Spain).

When you are learning Node.js is a must to learn about database. MongoDB and Mongoose are going to be your best friends in that case. We can say that Mongo DB is a NoSQL database which means that is a document-oriented database and all the data can be stored in a document file — in this case, will be a JSON document. The structure is very simple: in MongoDB you can create a collection on each database. Each collection has a key and a value. NoSQL database makes changes easily thanks to these inputs.

If you are familiar with JSON…

Material-UI is the best library or framework — for some people it’s a library, for others a framework. What do you think it is?

In React, you may find that you want to give style to your React components in a fast and easy manner and Material-UI provides an easy way to do that. It may remind you of using Bootstrap in some way.

Material-UI comes from Google’s Material Design. With this library, your website will look like you were a designer for your whole life but maybe you never did it before. It’s perfect if you want to optimize…

Hey Sir/Miss, there’s an error in my script!

Errors can happen and in JavaScript, they do happen most of the time! There are multiple causes that show this annoying red message:

  • Syntax error: we can spend time reviewing our code and we never realized that there was a missing semicolon or brackets.
  • Range error: this error is out of range or undefined. It can be an invalid date or an invalid array length.
  • Reference error: this error occurs when we assign a value to a variable that doesn’t exist. It could be an undefined x or assignment to an undeclared variable x.
  • Type error: there’s an error when…

A summary of what I’ve learned and how coding evolves constantly.

Hey! It’s me again, now as a developer student. I would like to tell you about my experience as a dev student before moving to Vancouver and how is it now, studying the same but more specific. This story started in June 2018 in Spain, when coincidences of life brought me to study a web dev program focused on HTML, CSS, and Javascript. …


My next challenge as a UX Designer at Red Academy was P2. We had three weeks to design the User Experience for an E-Commerce Store based on Main St (Vancouver, BC). The goal for this project was designing an e-commerce store that aggregates multiple retail stores into one online experience, offering a customized experience and increasing sales of the shops and customer engagement. During this project, we had to work in teams focusing on user research and designing a medium-fidelity prototype. My team and I focused on grocery stores.

Why grocery stores?

As international students who have arrived recently in a new country…

The premium cab booking experience for Vancouver’s high-end


Designing a mobile app, concretely redesigning Ride Today, a cab booking app, focusing on a premium and business professional niche. For that purpose, UI and UX worked in the same team from the beginning.

First Steps

Working on this project was, in the beginning, really exciting because it was the first project with a real client that we have. Also, it was the first time working UX and UI together and Ryde Today app was that one in which we can implement some improvements. First, we met the client and he was really open to listening to us and our ideas and…

Miriam Bellon

Half UX/UI Designer, haft Art Director with a touch of web dev. Sometimes I write articles. You can find me on:

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